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Budapest Zoo Joins EC Biodiversity Initiative

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.07.10.

The Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden has joined the European Commission’s Together for biodiversity international coalition set up with the goal of raising awareness of nature protection, the zoo said on Friday.

The coalition already has some 300 members including nature parks, research institutes, universities, museums, zoos, aqua parks and botanical gardens in 51 countries, it said in a statement.

“Adolf Lendl, the director of the Budapest Zoo hundred years ago, already set presenting biodiversity to the public as a goal,” the statement said.

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Among Hungary’s zoos, the Budapest City Park facility shows the most types of animal species and groups and has a rich botanical garden. With its diversity it is outstanding in international comparison, the zoo said.

Beside the Budapest Zoo, the other five Hungarian facilities that have joined the EC biodiversity coalition include the Botanical Garden of Debrecen University, the Ecological Research Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Hungarian Natural Science Museum, the Hungarian University of Agricultural and Food Sciences and the National Botanical Garden.

The international coalition will hold a major conference in China in October with the goal to take key decisions on saving the world’s wildlife.

Featured photo by Attila Kovács/MTI 

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