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Budapest Remains “Safe for Jews”, Writes U.S. Publication

Hungary Today 2023.11.13.

Budapest is one of the only major European capitals that deserves the characterization “safe for Jews”, writes Michael O’Shea for The National Interest.

The author lists some of the disturbing atrocities within the European Union committed against the Jewish community since the October 7 terrorist attacks in Israel. In his view, European politicians have in principle started to say the “right things” about the spread of Islamic fundamentalism on the continent, but anyone who has walked around Brussels knows these are empty words, writes O’Shea.

The political class to which they belong is squarely responsible for the mass migration, failed integration, radicalism, and anti-Semitism that Western leaders claim to abhor”.

The author maintains that only one country, Hungary, has successfully avoided “bothsidesism” within the European Union, that is, importing Islamic fundamentalism and antisemitism via mass-immigration while also claiming to protect the Jewish community. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán set the tone for policy on these issues, earlier declaring that “there will be NO pro-terror demonstrations in Hungary”. He also asserted Hungary’s leaders “unequivocally support Israel’s right to self-defense.”

Still a "NO"- Permit for Pro-Palestinian Demonstration in Budapest Denied
Still a

The Budapest Police Authority will not permit any violence on the Hungarian capital's streets.Continue reading

The article also reminded that after the Hamas attacks, Budapest hosted the “International Pro-Israel Summit,” the most significant such conference in Central Europe. Furthermore, unlike in fellow EU member-states reality on the street has overwhelmingly echoed sentiments supportive of the Jewish state. Pro-Israel demonstrations have occurred across Hungary and attracted thousands. Budapest’s iconic Chain Bridge flashed Israeli flag colors.

However, the author of the National Interest article writes,

these demonstrations of support pale in comparison to what really makes Hungary a pro-Israel bastion in Europe: it lacks a migration-fueled parallel society culturally antithetical to the host country”.

Hungarian governments have consistently rejected the EU’s forced migrant-resettlement schemes. Only recently Parliament approved a declaration that included this assertion:

The Hungarian Parliament draws attention to the fact that the large numbers of people, including terrorists, proxies, or Hamas and other terrorist organizations, who are allowed to enter Europe without any control represent a direct and serious risk to the security of European citizens and the continent. This is a direct consequence of an irresponsible and failed migration policy.

These Hungarian policies have been among the most disagreeable to the West’s “unwavering solidarity” political class, write O’Shea.

Photo: Facebook Dohány utcai Zsinagóga

The author also reminds his readers of Rabbi Róbert Frölich’s words (chief rabbi of Budapest’s Dohány Street Synagogue), who called Hungary “an island of tranquility” amid Europe’s pro-Hamas tumult.

Budapest March in Stark Contrast With Pro-Hamas Celebrations Across Europe
Budapest March in Stark Contrast With Pro-Hamas Celebrations Across Europe

"Here in Europe, too, you must pay close attention, because this evil is already here on your continent".Continue reading

Michael O’Shea is a visiting fellow at the Danube Institute.

Via The Naitonal Interest; Featured Image: Facebook Dohány utcai Zsinagóga

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