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Budapest March in Stark Contrast With Pro-Hamas Celebrations Across Europe

Hungary Today 2023.10.11.

Thousands of people took to the streets and stood up for Israel in Budapest during a march in the wake of the mass terror attacks, reported Mandiner. Hungarians were united in their solidarity for the victims of the outrage, while in other European, U.S. and Australian cities antisemitic slogans were chanted glorifying terrorism.

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“It is a black night. Everything that Jerusalem represents spiritually is now very, very far away,” said Robert C. Castel, Israeli researcher of Hungarian origin, in his message.

Not since the Holocaust have Israel and the Jewish people been so viciously attacked,”

said the organizers of the evening’s solidarity demonstration for Israel. The event, organized jointly by the Hetek, newspaper editor Máté Kulifai and Radio Hit, took place at the “Shoes” Holocaust memorial in front of Parliament, on the shores of the river Danube.

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Palestinian Hamas terrorists massacred youth, women and children indiscriminately in a manner reminiscent of Nazi special forces, said the organizers, who emphasized that no one with any good feelings can remain silent in the face of such vile and vicious mass murder.

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Sándor Németh, senior pastor of the Congregation of Faith, was the keynote speaker at the evening pro-Israel demonstration, and Robert C. Castel, who is currently fighting in Israel, also addressed the gathering through video link.

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Budapest’s famous landmark, the Chain Bridge, was illuminated in blue and white, painted the waters of the Danube in Israeli colors. The commemoration was also attended by the Ambassador of Israel, Yacov Hadas-Handelsman.

Israeli Ambassador, Yacov Hadas-Handelsman. Photo: Facebook Kulifai Máté

Over the crowd, who were demonstrating with Israeli and Hungarian flags, a sign proclaimed “We are with you!” “We are here to declare that we are with Israel!” – said Tamás Király radio host, adding that he expressed his condolences to the Jewish and Arab families who lost loved ones, comrades and friends.

From here in Budapest we say: you are not alone, we stand by you and pray for you. We will not forget Jerusalem, we will not forget Israel,”

he added.

Journalist Máté Kulifai, one of the main organizers of the event, told participants that those empty shoes displayed at the Budapest Holocaust memorial also symbolize the young people who were slaughtered in the Negev desert music festival and those who have disappeared in the Gaza Strip. According to Kulifai, a diabolical evil has emerged in Israel in recent days that cannot be comprehended by reason. In his words,

it is the moral duty of all people to speak out on this issue, we cannot remain silent!”

“Let us establish once and for all that Hamas is not an Islamist group, but a terrorist organization, its members are not just gunmen or fighters, but terrorists”, said Máté Kulifai.

After the joint reading of the psalm passages relevant to the current situation, the Israeli Ambassador to Budapest, Jakov Hadas-Handelsman, addressed the crowd. In his speech he said – “Thank you for Hungary’s solidarity! Israel is not in an easy situation, as children, women, elderly people, families and civilians have been murdered in recent days. What we have seen in the recent past and what we are seeing now is not a normal phenomenon. It seems that we have the successor of ISIS, which is a civilizational threat to all of us,” the ambassador stressed. He added that his attack also had a sponsor, and it was none other than Iran.

Pro Izrael Demo: Facebook Kulifai Máté

Here in Europe, too, you must pay close attention, because this evil is already here on your continent,”

said Yakov Hadas-Handelsman.

The ambassador said that what is happening now threatens our very existence. Not since the Holocaust have so many Jews been killed”- the ambassador stressed.

The solidarity demonstration then continued with a speech by Sándor Németh of the Congregation of Faith, the event’s keynote speaker. Németh said that in recent days Hamas had been indiscriminately slaughtering people in Israel. “When I watched the videos, I felt sick. These terrorists are killing while having fun. Satan is back on Earth and has taken human form,” he said. The senior pastor of the Congregation of the Faith said he was concerned to see that in Europe, too, many groups have taken to the streets in recent days to express their joy at the massacres in Israel.

Robert C. Castel also sent a message saying, “It is a black night. Everything that Jerusalem represents spiritually is now very, very far away. I hope there will be a sunny Jerusalem again!” – said the expert, who is currently fighting in Israel. Castel added that “it is the duty of every state to prepare itself to survive and survive in an abnormal world, because an abnormal world is certainly coming.

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While Hungary is often casually ostracized by Western politicians and media outlets for being a European hub of antisemitism, it was cities in developed democratic countries that have seen disturbing scenes of openly antisemitic acts. In Sydney, Australia pro-Palestinian demonstrators have glorified Hamas chanting “gas the Jews”, an offensive reference to the Nazi concentration camp gas chambers.

In London, as so many times in the past, the narrow street in front of the Israeli embassy has become a meeting point for pro-Palestianian demonstrators, who have defended the recent attacks on Israel.

In Madrid, Spain demonstrators were seen chanting Anti-Israel Slogand showing support for the weekend terror attacks.

In Germany, in several cities from Berlin to Duisburg, pro Palestinian demonstrators have gathered on the streets despite details emerging regarding the severity of the terror attacks in Israel. Police have clashed with demonstrators, and arrests were made.

In the United States, reminiscent of the European situation, many cities have seen demonstrations openly supporting the attacks on Israeli civilians, associating these actions with the Palestinian’s right to self-defense.

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Via Mandiner; Featured Image: Facebook Kulifai Máté

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