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Budapest Government Office Reacts to Flight Delays following Chaos at Airports

Hungary Today 2024.07.02.

During the peak tourist season, the Government Office of the Capital City Budapest places particular emphasis on ensuring that airlines comply with the rules on flight delays and cancellations. To this end, the Government Office would like to inform passengers of their rights in the event of cancellation or significant delay of at least 2 hours, regardless of the reason for the delay or cancellation, reports Világgazdaság.

In the event of cancellation, passengers will be entitled to a refund if they are unable to travel or rebook to their original destination on the nearest flight, or a later flight that suits the traveler. They added: if the passenger chooses to rebook, the airline must provide

  • food and refreshments in reasonable proportion to the waiting time (catering obligation), and
  • where a stay of one or more nights is necessary, provide accommodation for the passenger,
  • or the transfer to and from the accommodation to the airport (obligation to provide assistance).


The summer season always brings an increase in air passenger rights issues, but it has also brought more consumer complaints than usual. According to a statement from the National Federation of Associations for Consumer Protection (FEOSZ), the numerous requests they have received in recent weeks show that chaos has developed at some European airports, affecting a wide range of passengers. Passengers have reported delays of up to 24 hours, several flights being delayed and then cancelled, and flights leaving for the UEFA Euro 2024 but not departing before the match kick-off time.

The Government Office stressed that if the flight cancellation is not caused by extraordinary circumstances, such as a technical fault or a strike by airline staff,

passengers may be entitled to compensation of EUR 250, EUR 400 or EUR 600, depending on the length of the flight.

Examples of extraordinary circumstances include:

  • weather conditions that are dangerous for flying,
  • air traffic control decisions,
  • flight cancellations due to a collision with a flock of birds.

Photo: Facebook/Budapest Airport

The Government Office confirms that in the event of a significant delay in departure, airlines have a duty to provide supplies (meals and refreshments in reasonable proportions) and assistance (accommodation, transfers). If the flight departure is delayed by more than 5 hours, they must offer a refund of the ticket price (if the passenger’s interest in traveling has ceased). They stress:

airlines must always pay particular attention to the needs of passengers with reduced mobility and accompanying persons, and unaccompanied children.

The officials would like to draw passengers’ attention to the fact that if the airline is unable to meet the obligation to provide care and assistance, they should request an invoice for all the expenses they have incurred while waiting and ask the airline to reimburse them for the reasonable costs supported by the invoice.

If passengers arrive at their final destination with a significant delay (over 3 hours), unless there are exceptional circumstances, they may also be entitled to compensation of EUR 250, EUR 400 or EUR 600, depending on the length of the flight.

Importantly, airlines should inform passengers of their rights in the event of significant flight delays or cancellations.

If the company does not respond to passengers’ requests or refuses to do so, they can seek redress from the consumer protection authority.

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Via Világgazdaság; Featured image via Pixabay

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