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The city of Budapest has offered property rights of the Biodome, now under construction in the City Park, to the Hungarian state in return for the government completing the contested project.

Erzsébet Gy. Németh, one of the city’s deputy mayors, told a press conference on Wednesday that the Orbán government had not been responding since March to appeals for funding to finish the construction, despite the city’s offering to run the facility once it was complete.

The city has no sufficient resources to complete the project “due to the government’s austerity measures”, Gy. Németh said, adding that the government had initiated and so far financed construction. The city maintains its offer to provide animals and plants and run the facility, she said.

Who Will Pay Remaining HUF 20 Billion Cost of Pannon Park Biodome?
Who Will Pay Remaining HUF 20 Billion Cost of Pannon Park Biodome?

The Pannon Park project with the Bio-dome was begun under the previous city leadership when Fidesz-supported István Tarlós was mayor.Continue reading

“Since 2013, the state has invested 44 billion forints (EUR 121m) into the construction of Biodome for the completion of which an additional 15-20 billion forints would be needed,” Gy. Németh said.

If the state accepts to take over the property rights of Biodome, it would take about ten months to prepare the contract on the transfer, she said.

Roland Szabó, the operative director of Budapest Zoo, said that the construction of the Biodome had been completed in October 2020. He said since that time only operational tests have been carried out in the building and a plan of the facility’s full installation has been completed.

Featured photo by Zoltán Máthé/MTI