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Budapest Attracts Israeli Investors with Promising Real Estate Opportunities

Hungary Today 2024.07.09.

Metrodome Group is launching its first representative office in Israel, offering investors an exciting opportunity in Budapest, reports Jerusalem Post.

Budapest attracts Israeli investors for several reasons: properties are available at attractive prices in culturally rich areas with great cuisine and attractions. Business center properties are safe, have growth potential, and assets can be turned into income-generating properties.

In recent years, apartment prices have risen rapidly, jumping 22% in 2022 and 33.7% in Budapest. Compared to cities like Vienna, Prague, or Warsaw, market entry prices in Budapest are lower.

Unlike markets such as Greece, Hungary’s market is stable and solid.

Hungary also offers a “Golden Visa” to investors who spend over EUR 500K, with Metrodome assisting in the process. A property in Budapest is advantageous for doing business in Europe.

Budapest’s strong affinity for Israelis adds appeal. Pro-Palestinian demonstrations are banned, and the government’s handling of immigration ensures stability and security. A large community of Israeli students, mainly studying medicine, further strengthens ties.

The BSR Towers. Photo: Wikipedia

Metrodome Group is well-known in Israel, with a representative office in the BSR Towers in Bnei Brak.

It offers Israeli buyers full support in Hebrew. To mark its entry into the Israeli market, the company is launching a subsidized business real estate tour for those meeting the equity threshold for purchasing an apartment, set at EUR 170K.

Metrodome plans to start a pre-sale for a new project in the coming months. ​

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Via The Jerusalem Post; Featured Image: Pixabay

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