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Budapest Airport Sets up Support Points for Stranded Passengers

MTI-Hungary Today 2024.07.08.

Recently, air passengers across Europe, including in Budapest, have experienced a significant number of flight delays and cancellations. For this reason, Budapest Airport has set up support points, reads the airport operator’s website.

Budapest Airport stressed that they are doing their utmost to support passengers in this difficult situation, and have therefore set up two support points called BUD:carezone in the transit area, which will be extended by one more unit if necessary. Passengers concerned will be informed via the public announcement system or in person if they can use the support points.

Passengers waiting in the zones due to delayed flights will be kept informed and provided with sandwiches and water if necessary, as well as nappies, baby food and wipes for travelers with small children. The company will also provide more comfortable high-back chairs, recliners, phone chargers and unlimited Wi-Fi access throughout the airport.

Soon, passengers will be able to scan a QR code on site to find useful information on flight delays and cancellations, and frequently asked questions will be answered via telephone.

They will also find a terminal map to help them locate the services they need, such as toilets, nursing rooms, terraces and restaurants.

The zones are located in Terminal 2B in front of boarding gates B1-B2 and in Terminal 2A on Pier 1 in front of boarding gate A17.

The company advises passengers that if they have been informed by the airlinse or ground handling companies that their flight has been delayed or cancelled and they are unable or unwilling to leave the airport, they should wait here to ensure that they receive up-to-date information about their flight. At BUD:carezone, on-duty terminal managers and terminal information staff are continuously assisting passengers.

In the current situation, Budapest Airport advises passengers

  • to make flexible bookings when planning their travel,
  • to arrive at the airport at least 2.5 hours before departure,
  • and to keep a constant eye on the information they receive from airlines and from ground handling staff at the airport.

In addition, it is a good idea to pack in your hand luggage all the personal items, medical equipment and medicines that are essential for a stay of several hours at the airport.

Wizz Air Leaves Several Passengers at Budapest Airport after a Delay of Six Hours
Wizz Air Leaves Several Passengers at Budapest Airport after a Delay of Six Hours

After waiting for almost 3.5 hours the passengers were asked to disembark.Continue reading

The company pointed out that delays could affect all flights on all airlines and that this trend could continue until the end of the summer travel season on September 30.

Experience so far shows that early morning, morning and mid-morning services to run on schedule with no or minimal delays, reads the airport operator’s website. Generally speaking, the more rounds a flight makes, the more likely it is to accumulate delays by the end of the day.

Budapest Airport’s deputy CEO for communications and government relations spoke to M1 news on Saturday about the causes of delays. According to Katalin Valentínyi,

the first reason for the delays is that European airspace is very congested, for instance due to the summer season, the tourist season, and sporting events such as the European Football Championship and the upcoming Paris Olympics.

At the same time, the war in the neighboring country is also affecting the airspace situation in Europe, as there is no overflight over Ukraine and Russia, hence planes are taking diversion routes, and Hungarian airspace is mainly affected, she added. Lastly, she mentioned the weather conditions, pointing out that in the event of thunderstorms, ground handling at the airport could be slowed down, and, in bad weather, it is not certain that the planes will be able to take off.

Budapest Government Office Reacts to Flight Delays following Chaos at Airports
Budapest Government Office Reacts to Flight Delays following Chaos at Airports

Passengers may be entitled to compensation of EUR 250, EUR 400 or EUR 600, depending on the length of the flight.Continue reading

Via MTI, Featured image: Facebook/Budapest Airport

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