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“The ill-considered, blindfolded green policy of Brussels is destroying European farmers, while the Hungarian government sees Hungarian farmers as allies,” Balázs Hidvéghi, Fidesz MEP claimed in a statement.

“We express this alliance through decisions and political support. Last year, we supported Hungarian farmers with a record amount of HUF 1,300 billion (EUR 3.4 billion / 1 EUR=387 HUF), and in the period up to 2027 we can pay them a total of HUF 2,900 billion, of which only HUF 600 billion is EU funding,” he said, adding that HUF 2,300 billion comes from the national budget. “We are doing this because we are aware that without the support of farmers and agriculture, we will not have safe, good quality food on our tables,” he pointed out.

Balázs Hidvéghi said that debates on the situation of farmers have increased in the European Parliament, that “is no wonder, since we now have to defend the buildings of the European Parliament in Brussels, or even here in Strasbourg, with police and armed forces against the protests of legitimately angry farmers.”

In his opinion, it is obvious that Brussels has also gone astray in recent years on the agricultural issue,

because it has taken decisions that were were partly blindfolded and ill-prepared to serve the ideology of extreme climate protection, thus destroying European agriculture.”

Brussels is also pushing trade agreements that favor farmers outside Europe, he noted. “In practice, Brussels serves foreign interests. It is a completely absurd and misguided decision, so the farmers’ demands and protests are completely justified and legitimate.

It is also unacceptable that a mass of Ukrainian grain, chicken meat and other products are being allowed into the European Union on the pretext of war, causing enormous problems for European producers,”

he emphasized.

“This must change, because we need a policy that is based on common sense, that defends European interests and not external interests, and that does not want to implement a blindfolded ideology in Europe, but that helps European industry, agriculture and the interests of European farmers, based on reality,” he said.

The MEP welcomed the fact that Hungarian farmers were also expressing their views and taking part in the protests, despite the fact that the situation in Hungary was different from that in Western Europe. “For years, we have been looking at the farming community as an ally and defending their interests. Whether it is through protectionist and other financial support measures taken at national level,” he added.

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Via MTI, Featured image: Facebook/MCC Brussels

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