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Brussels’ Agricultural Policy a Threat to European Food-Security, States Minister

MTI-Hungary Today 2024.04.10.

The Minister of Agriculture underscored the imperative for change in the farming community’s interests during the next EP elections, taking place in June. István Nagy cited Brussels’ agricultural policy as a threat to European farmers and the EU’s food-security.

Speaking at a press conference, the Minister emphasized Hungary’s commitment to modern, competitive agricultural practices, promoting value-added sectors, supporting farmers’ investments, and ensuring necessary resources for their activities. Highlighting Hungary’s agricultural progress since 2010, he noted

increased productivity, rural development, and stringent land laws, alongside improved access to historical resources.

He affirmed that 2024 is dedicated to subsidies, ensuring equitable opportunities for all farmers to thrive.

However, Mr. Nagy cautioned against looming challenges, particularly the influence of extreme green ideologies in EU leadership, impeding competitiveness, and the risk posed to EU food security by Ukrainian agricultural imports. He criticized Brussels for maintaining burdensome administrative regulations and green standards without addressing market disruptions.

Hungary maintains an import ban until internal market issues are resolved.

Effective lobbying is deemed crucial, with widespread farmer protests across Europe against perceived Brussels injustices. Minister Nagy announced Balázs Győrffy’s election to represent Hungarian farmers in the European Parliament from June, promising steadfast support for farmers’ interests in Brussels.

Mr. Győrffy vowed to advocate for farmers, criticizing the EU’s agricultural policy as a misguided experiment detrimental to food supply. He stressed the need for Brussels representatives who prioritize farmers’ interests over “dark green ideologies.”

The president of the Association of Hungarian Farmers’ Groups and Cooperatives (Magosz) commended his appointment, citing his practical experience and ability to represent farmers’ interests at the EU level amidst Europe’s current climate of conflict.

Zsolt Nyitrai, the PM’s Chief Advisor, highlighted Fidesz-KDNP’s commitment to consulting farmers across Hungary during the EP election campaign.

Mr. Nyitrai criticized Brussels officials for errors on migration and the Ukrainian conflict, emphasizing the significance of voters’ decisions in the upcoming elections.

In Minister Nagy’s words, “we are determined to ensure that every farmer has the opportunity to thrive,” and “Hungary’s agriculture is on a path of growth and modernization.”

Minister of Agriculture Criticizes EU Green Ideology
Minister of Agriculture Criticizes EU Green Ideology

István Nagy also advocated for CAP amandments amid concerns of Ukrainian grain imports.Continue reading

Via MTI; Featured Image: csabaimerleg.hu

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