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British Luxury Car Bentley Becoming Increasingly Popular in Hungary

Hungary Today 2023.12.11.

As the sales manager of Bentley Budapest said, their 11th district showroom has an excellent Hungarian customer base. Tamás Riedl, speaking at a ceremony to mark the dealership’s fifth anniversary, stressed that more than 100 satisfied customers use the cars they sell in Hungary and this trend will only increase in the future. The goal of the showroom in the capital is to keep more and more Bentleys on the roads of the country, reports Világgazdaság.

“Our results speak for themselves, even though we are a small brand in terms of volume in Hungary. We belong in the luxury segment and in this category we are growing and developing year by year. More than 100 satisfied customers use the cars we sell in Hungary, and this trend will only increase in the future,” stressed Tamás Riedl, Head of Sales at the celebration of the fifth anniversary of Bentley Budapest.

In fact, this means that

more than 100 Bentleys have been sold in the country since the dealership was established in 2018.

It is also interesting to note that the 280-square-meter showroom, located in the 11th district, has already met its quota for the time before construction started, which was only 5 vehicles half a decade ago.

The brand’s showroom in the 11th district. Photo via Facebook/Bentley Budapest

Riedl also added that the group (part of Volkswagen group since 1998) and the manufacturer were not sparing them time, energy, support and money, and they were making the most of these opportunities.  According to him, their used car business is weaker because there is no circulation and their customers insist on these hand-built cars. As for their goals, he underlined that they “want to see an increasing number of Bentleys on the road.”

Based on Világgazdaság‘s information, there are currently more than 300 Bentley owners in Hungary.

The British luxury brand is enjoying remarkable success worldwide, having sold 7,000 cars in the first half of 2023, recording a profit of EUR 390 million, the second highest result after the 15,000 units sold in 2022.

The Bentayga. Photo via Facebook/Bentley Budapest

The brand’s best-selling car is the Bentayga, now accounting for 44 percent of global sales, but the Continental GT and Flying Spur are also very popular. Its most important market is clearly the United States (29 percent, followed by China and Europe).

A standard, short wheelbase Bentayga costs around almost HUF 71 million (EUR 186,318).

With its ‘Beyond100’ strategy, the company aims to become carbon neutral by 2030 and the global leader in luxury mobility.

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Via Világgazdaság, Featured image via Facebook/Bentley Budapest

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