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Black Panther Seen in Kiskunhalas – VIDEO

Hungary Today 2021.12.15.

A black big cat resembling a panther was captured on camera moving near a construction site on the outskirts of Kiskunhalas, in southern Hungary. The video was shared by the town’s mayor on Facebook.

The Police Headquarters of Bács-Kiskun County wrote on the police website that after a report from a resident, they started an investigation with the involvement of experts to verify the authenticity of the recording and the species of the animal. According to Róbert Fülöp, the mayor of Kishunhalas, the staff of Szeged Wildlife Park is providing professional assistance in this matter as well. Now, after investigation, it appears that the footage is not CGI, but real. According to the experts, the animal is a black panther.

Telex lists a few things that one should know about the panther:

  • It feeds on animals the size of dogs, cats, and goats.
  • It is mainly a camouflaged animal so it is unlikely that it will go into the city.
  • The animal presumably lived in captivity among humans before.
  • It might be seen in other places because it can cover long distances.

Following a report, police officers from Kiskunhalas went to the marked location, which was not far from the area seen in the earlier footage. They did not find the predator, but it is likely that its tracks were found at the scene.

Photo via Police.hu

Together with partner agencies, the police are keeping residents in the countryside informed about wildlife information. In addition, police ask the residents of Kishunhalas and the city area to call the Bács-Kiskun County Police Headquarters immediately on 06-76/513-356 or on the central emergency numbers 107, 112 if they have any information about the animal or have seen it.

The panther is not the only big cat that has been spotted in Hungary lately. A serval, which was sighted in the Bükk Hills of northern Hungary and subsequently captured, died from the coronavirus later in Budapest Zoo.

Featured image: illustration via Pixabay

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