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Bicycle Tourism Rapidly Growing at Lake Balaton

Hungary Today 2023.07.06.

The 2023 season awaits tourists at Lake Balaton with thousands of bikes for rent, cycling tour guide courses, and several thematic routes, Világgazdaság reports.

Those involved in cycle tourism around Lake Balaton really stepped up their game this year. A mobile application, BalatonBike365, provides up-to-date information on the attractions and services of the cycle paths around the lake, mapped routes, bike and sports equipment rental, and a bike rescue service.

What is more, in cooperation between Balatonbike365 Nonprofit Kft. and the local service provider BalatonBikeTours, cyclists can now use 530 predominantly electric bikes.

Electric bikes are ready for vacationers. Photo via Facebook/BalatonBike365

The number of bikes rented last year doubled between January and March, tripled in April, and the fourth cycling guide course has now been filled,

The interest in e-bikes is now so intense that most of the bikes rented are electric. The emergence of e-bikes has brought a breakthrough in cycling tourism that marks an epochal change.

Photo via Facebook/BalatonBike365

Thanks to electric power, more people than ever before are taking both longer and shorter rides, as differences in fitness are no longer an obstacle. This is particularly useful in the highlands of Balaton, where the stunning panoramic views can be achieved by climbing some of the steepest hills.

The e-bike has widened the age range of potential visitors in all directions, with young children and the elderly increasingly getting involved in cycling tourism.

There are no precise or comprehensive figures, but the number of sold bicycle tickets, rented bikes, and the number of traffic monitoring equipment indicate that at least 200,000 people cycle in the Lake Balaton area every year.

Distances of cycle routes around Lake Balaton. Photo via Facebook/BalatonBike365

Although most people still cycle around Lake Balaton in July and August, the spring and autumn months are the best for cycling. Bike tourism is one of the best ways to extend the two-month peak season on Lake Balaton and it can be integrated as a half-day or a one or two-day program into a multi-day stay.

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Via Világgazdaság, Featured photo via Facebook/BalatonBike365

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