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Bayern Munich Launches Fundraiser for Family of Policeman Killed in Explosion

Hungary Today 2023.09.27.
Thomas Müller and Zsolt Lőw

Last week, the country was shocked by news of an explosion in Esztergom, northern Hungary. One officer, Lajos Gábor Kónya, was killed in the incident, eleven others were injured. The news reached Zsolt Lőw, Hungarian assistant coach of Bayern Munich, who is organizing a fundraiser for the victim’s family.

Last Wednesday evening an explosion occurred in a family house in a suburban part of Esztergom. Threats were made, and the police and fire brigade were called to the scene. After an unsuccessful negotiation, the police entered the house when the explosion occurred. A counter-terrorism officer was killed, several police officers and firefighters were injured, four seriously and seven slightly. The perpetrator also died during the incident.

As Index reports, the bomber from Esztergom had a lot of debt, as a result of which his car was impounded. This made him angry with the police, and he made repeated threats towards them.

The bomber was described as an aggressive “madman” by people in the area and by people who knew him. This is probably the reason why the anti-terrorist squad were sent to negotiate with him.

The police units and a psychologist spent 4.5 hours negotiating with him. The man finally lured the police into a trap, set fire to the apartment pre-filled with petrol and opened the gas cylinder(s) when the Counter Terrorism Center staff entered.

Photo via MTI/Koszticsák Szilárd

The inspection of the scene found that the perpetrator had built a 38-meter-long tunnel from the house that remained intact despite the explosion. The offender was storing large quantities of explosive chemicals, which could not be obtained without a license in Hungary, in an airtight container on his property.

The perpetrator’s intention was undoubtedly to take the lives of the police officers on duty.

Photo via MTI/Máthé Zoltán

His wife and two children mourn the death of Counter Terrorism Center commando Gábor Lajos Kónya, who died in the Esztergom bombing in September. In order to help the family of the deceased policeman, Zsolt Lőw and Bayern Munich organized a fundraiser. The German team’s assistant coach put up an original jersey signed by Thomas Müller – and later by all the club’s players – for auction on Facebook.

The jersey had a starting price of HUF 30,000 (EUR 76.62)  and is up for bidding until October 25 – the highest bid is currently HUF 1.5 million (EUR 3,831).

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