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Fried Carrot-Dog Declared Balaton’s Beach Food of the Year

Tamás Vaski 2021.08.08.

The carrot-dog is the official dish of lake Balaton this year, after having won the Beach Food of the Year competition hosted by Balatoni Kör, gusto.hu reports. The dish was created by the restaurant Konyhám, operating out of Balatonfenyves. A second award; the Discovery of the Year, was won by the Tarow Bistro from Világos for its ingenious creation of a vegan French toast.

The seventh ever Beach Food of the Year competition, which saw the participation of judges such as star chef Lajos Bíró, brought two excitingly unique foods to Hungarian tables; fried carrot-dogs and vegan French toast. Gábor Kardos, the creator of the competition, said that this year’s submissions were better than any in previous years, meaning that competition between restaurants, and consequently the quality of foods, is increasing.

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Although it may sound a bit silly, the carrot-dog created by Konyhám (My Kitchen) does not just appear very appetizing, but tastes excellent, is easy to prepare, and is very healthy, especially when compared to other beach foods.

The quality of ingredients is very important in the carrot-dog, which puts its emphasis on the vegetables rather than the breading. Large carrots are fried with rustic domestic breadcrumbs, which do not absorb excess amounts of oil. The dish is served with bacon, marinated ginger, and dried onions, topped off with a mayonnaise-sour cream pesto sauce.

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The Discovery of the Year was won by the Tarow Bistro, a beachside restaurant with a beautiful panoramic view of Lake Balaton. They won thanks to their vegan French bread, a creative adjustment to the famous dish which replaces eggs with chickpea flour, almond milk, and turmeric. It is further simulated to taste like its non-vegan counterpart with the addition of black salt.

Vegan French toast. Photo via Balatoni Kör’s Facebook page

Topped with avocado, tomato salsa, pickled red onions and fresh green herbs, this dish is perfect for vegans who are looking for something to eat during a vacation by the lake, or are simply aiming to diversify their cooking options.

In the featured photo, the carrot-dog on display. Featured photo via Balatoni Kör’s Facebook page