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Arnold Schwarzenegger Secretly in Budapest, Works Out with Young Fan

Hungary Today 2021.09.14.

Hollywood star and world champion bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger, secretly visited the Hungarian capital of Budapest, where he trained together with Dotti Sinka, a 10-year-old Hungarian girl. She previously pulled the Terminator’s 2.7-ton cart with her teeth for nine meters.

This article was originally posted on our sister site, Ungarn Heute. Translation by Júlia Tar.

After her feat, Schwarzenegger had virtually congratulated the girl for her sensational performance, but on Sunday something unbelievable happened to Dotti Sinka: during her early morning workout at 7 a.m. at a Budapest fitness center, she was joined by the “Styrian Oak” himself. The ‘Terminator,’ who has been following both Dotti and her father’s accomplishments, spoke to and then trained with Dotti (who only weighs 40 kilograms) and her father during the early morning training session. According to Dotti, she was not at all shy, given the situation:

“I was very surprised, and I can already say it was worth getting up early. I was especially surprised by how direct he was with me, he gave me a little kiss and praised me very much, reaffirming what he wrote the other day, that he was very proud of me,”

she said.

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Dotti has followed in her father’s footsteps with her feat of pulling the Terminator’s 2.7-ton truck for nine meters with her teeth. Compiling 50 world records to date, Zsolt “Popey” Sinka, has met Schwarzenegger before and now plans to pull a tank on the Terminator’s own military farm.

Source: ripost.hu

Featured image via Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Instagram page