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Appreciating Bread and Agricultural Workers

MTI-Hungary Today 2023.08.21.
Bread on the Feast of Crafts on Hungarys Founding Day.

Nowadays, in the shadow of war and vulnerable to often extreme weather conditions, we have learned to truly appreciate bread again, and with it the work of those working in agriculture, said Minister of Agriculture István Nagy on Sunday at the St. Stephen’s Day bread offering ceremony in Buda Castle.

We have once again recognized that the land is our uniquely valuable national treasure, sustaining and nourishing us; therefore we protect, value, respect, and stand up for Hungarian agriculture and the interests of farmers, the Minister added.

Thanks to those who work in agriculture, the Hungarian people’s bread is once again guaranteed, and the harvest is sufficient to meet domestic demand,

István Nagy stressed on the occasion of the Feast of the Crafts on the large stage in Szentháromság Square (St. Trinity Square) at Buda Castle, attended by members of crafts, folk art, folk dance, and traditional associations from all over the country, who came with wreaths and bread.

Agriculture Minister István Nagy (2nd left). Blessing of the bread at the Feast of Crafts. Photo: Facebook/Mesterségek Ünnepe

Man should work to entertain the Good God,”

the Minister quoted Imre Makovecz, recalling that the architect and the then officials of the Association of Folk Art Associations had jointly dreamed up the Feast of Crafts. By reviving the tradition of the harvest procession and the bread offering, they showed that during the decades of socialism, Hungarians had not forgotten their Christian roots and communities, underlined Nagy. He added that since 1987, the Feast of Crafts has been a worthy representation of the traditions of St. Stephen’s Day, “it is about us Hungarians, about diligence, talent, freedom, friendship, and culture.”

On St. Stephen’s Day, we show the whole world that although we are a handful of people, we have lived here for a thousand years, in a place of honor in Europe, in the heart of the Carpathian Basin,”

he pointed out. “We Hungarians have often risen again from our ashes, but after a thousand years we are still here, standing upright, unwavering, always with our heads held high. Because over a thousand years, it has been engraved in our bones that our freedom and independence are the guarantee of our survival,” the Agriculture Minister continued.


Imre Makovecz (November 20, 1935 – September 27, 2011) was a Hungarian architect active in Europe from the late 1950s onward. He was born and died in Budapest. He attended the Technical University of Budapest. Founder and “eternal and executive president” of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, award-winning architect, having won the Ybl Prize, Kossuth Prize, Steindl Imre Prize, and Prima Primissima Award among many others, he was one of the most prominent proponents of organic architecture. As such, his buildings attempt to work with the natural surroundings rather than triumph over them.

The Agriculture Minister recalled that spirit and freedom are the two foundations that have permeated our history since King Stephen, our first king, who took the crown not from the hands of the emperor but from the hands of the Pope, thus giving authority, dignity, and freedom to his people. “He wisely assessed that

only a strong state can survive on the border between East and West, only a country where the people live in freedom according to their own laws can develop.

We have been carrying this ancient truth in our hearts and souls for a millennium, and it is thanks to this truth that we owe our survival, and that is why we cling to it,” Nagy stressed. “Today we want to carry on the idea of St Stephen in its simplicity and perfection: an independent Hungarian nation in the heart of Europe, based on Christian traditions, where we can live in peace and security, according to our own laws,” concluded the politician.

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