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Another World Sporting Event Could Come to Hungary in 2027

MTI-Hungary Today 2024.04.29.

Klaus Schormann, president of the International Pentathlon Federation (UIPM, Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne), said there is a good chance that the 2027 UIPM World Modern Pentathlon Championships will be held in Hungary.

Speaking to Kossuth Radio at the World Cup on the Ludovika Campus of the Ludovika University of Public Service, the German sports leader said that he obviously cannot announce it in black and white because there are formalities, but the important event before the Los Angeles Olympics should be given to an association that has already proven itself.

I will not run for president again, but my influence will remain. The presidency is in the same spirit, we will make the right decision,”

he promised.


The 77-year-old German Klaus Schormann, who has been active in the sport since 1972, and has been at the helm of the international federation since July 1993, announced in early April that he would not run for another term, but he intends to stay in pentathlon after his term as president ends.

He added that Hungarian national sporting leaders had asked that

the World Championships in three years’ time should be held to celebrate 100 years of Hungarian pentathlon.

Schormann noted that he had consulted the Hungarian Olympic Committee and told President Zsolt Gyulay that when deciding on the fate of future events, they should bear in mind how the sport will perform at the Los Angeles Olympics, where horse riding will be replaced by an obstacle race event.

Gábor Balogh, president of the Hungarian Modern Pentathlon (MÖSZ), announced at the World Cup press conference in Budapest last week that they would bid to host the 2027 World Championships. The MÖSZ has received preliminary support from the government to start negotiations.

In his statement, the UIPM president pointed out that the idea of the need for change and the renewal of the sport had already been raised at the 2016 Frankfurt Congress, and that when the 2028 Olympic program was discussed with the German president of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach told them that pentathlon should be made as widely available as possible.

During the World Cup in Budapest, the mixed relay team of Blanka Guzi and Gergely Regős won the bronze medal. In the individual events, Balázs Szép earned a silver medal, writes Eurosport.

The World Cup series continues in Sofia in a week and a half, followed by the World Cup final in Ankara in May. Following the World Championships in China in June, the European Modern Pentathlon Championships will be held in Hungary in the second week of July, before the Olympics, but after the qualification period.

Hungarian Victory in Women’s Pentathlon at This Year’s First World Cup
Hungarian Victory in Women’s Pentathlon at This Year’s First World Cup

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Via MTI, Eurosport; Featured image via Facebook/Nemzeti Atlétikai Központ

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