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Alleged Antifa Member Ilaria Salis Released from Budapest Prison

Hungary Today 2024.05.24.

Ilaria Salis, accused of assaulting and severely beating several people on the streets of Budapest with fellow Antifa activists, has been released from prison. Salis will await a verdict at a property in Budapest under supervision.

Antifascist activist Ilaria Salis, the main defendant in the Budapest Antifa case, has been released from prison in Budapest, where she had been held for more than 15 months, Italian portal ANSA reports. Salis has been transferred to a residence where she will remain under house arrest during her trial in Hungary.


The case of Ilaria Salis dates back to February 2023, when a group of Antifa thugs attacked people, selected at random or by their clothing, suspecting them to be nationalist protesters, in broad daylight in the public spaces of the Hungarian capital. The group attacked without saying they were doing it because of the clothing and for their presumption about the victims’ political approach. A total of four attacks took place at that time in Budapest, and it soon became clear to the police that the attacks were part of a series. One of the suspects, Italian citizen Salis, is accused of being part of the violent group and is currently standing trial.

CCTV footage of the vicious attack of which Salis was allegedly a part. Photo via Facebook.

About a week ago, it was announced that Salis was granted bail of HUF 16 million (EUR 41,500), and she is now allowed to remain under house arrest until the first-instance judgement, leaving the Budapest property only with special permission from the court. Her trial continues on Friday. The Hungarian prosecutor has asked for a prison term of 11 years, but Salis’s father says she risks as long as 24 years in jail on charges of attempted murder.

Despite the trial, Salis is running as a candidate in the European Parliament (EP) elections in June for the Italian coalition of the Greens and Left Alliance (AVS – Alleanza Verdi e Sinistra). If elected to the EP, she will enjoy immunity.

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Via ANSA, Featured image: Facebook/AntifaInfo Budapest

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