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All Eyes on Hungarian 35-Strong Team at Kayak Canoeing World Championships

MTI-Hungary Today 2023.08.23.
A moment from the qualifying round of the World Championships.

35 Hungarian competitors of all age groups will compete in the World Marathon Kayak Canoeing Championships in Vejen Kolding, Denmark, from Wednesday to Sunday.

According to the Hungarian federation’s website, in addition to the adults, the youth and U23 age groups will also compete, and the squad for the World Championships was put together following the recent qualifying rounds.

Vanda Kiszli has been exempted from the classic marathon qualifying because she is competing in the K-1 5000m at the World Speed Championships, so she was already a sure qualifier. She will be joined by Zsófia Czéllai-Vörös, who won the Fadd-Dombori qualifier.

Kiszli will be joined by Emese Kőhalmi in the short course, and they will join forces in the doubles on the final day, with the fresh European silver medalists Csilla Rugási and Panna Csépe also in the event.


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Bálint Noé, like Kiszli, will compete at the World Speed Kayak Championships in Duisburg, Germany starting this Wednesday, but will also be in the men’s kayak field in the short round at Vejen Kolding, as will Brúnó Kolozsvári. The latter can also prove his worth in doubles, having won the European bronze medal with Adrián Boros a few weeks ago, so they have serious ambitions. They are joined by the duo Kornél Béke and Tamás Kulifai, who have also earned the right to compete.

In the singles, Zalán Péli and Csanád Sellyei will represent Hungary this time.

Zsófia Kisbán, who will also compete in the World Speed Kayak Championships, has also taken on a double load by competing in the women’s C-1 in Vejen Kolding after Duisburg. Karolina Hegedűs will triple up, as she will compete in the short circuit as well as in the U23 classic marathon.

Márton Kövér. Photo via Facebook/Kövér Márton

The sport’s reigning champion canoeist, Márton Kövér, will be looking to get back at Spain’s Manuel Garrido in the classic marathon,

who finished ahead of the nine-time world champion Hungarian in both last year’s World Championships and this year’s European Championships. Simon Sebestyén will be the other starter in the event, based on the results of the qualifying round. In doubles, the duo of Máté Zsidai and Zsolt Gilányi will compete.

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Via MTI, Featured image via Facebook/Magyar Kajak-Kenu Szövetség 

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