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Agricultural Funds Unaffected by the Brussels Conflict

Hungary Today 2023.11.02.

Last year’s drought, inflation, misguided Brussels sanctions, and the market challenges caused by duty-free Ukrainian produce have created extraordinary circumstances in agriculture, said Agriculture Minister István Nagy in a video statement. In this situation, efforts must be made to use the HUF 600 billion (EUR 1.6 billion) of EU aid, which the Hungarian government will supplement with a further HUF 2,300 billion (EUR 6 billion) to effectively support agriculture and rural development, writes Világgazdaság.

The minister stressed that this funding is sufficient to increase added value, strengthen the sustainability of Hungarian food production, achieve domestic economic and rural development goals, and meet EU green expectations at the same time.

Outlining the timetable, he emphasized that:

  • Calls for proposals related to forestry will be launched from February 2024
  • In March, the first package of calls for proposals to support investments in agriculture and food will be published
  • The launch of support for ecologically important land-use change is planned for early spring
  • A call for proposals to support generational change should be ready by summer
  • Rural development tenders will be prepared in the autumn
  • By the end of next year, a new package of investment and tenders will be announced to support precision farming or the technological innovation of crop cleaning and drying.

The calls for proposals will provide opportunities for small, medium, and large farms to improve production efficiency in response to the economic and market changes of the last two years.

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New Talks on EU Funding Could Start in Brussels This Week

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The grants will be used to implement eleven technical programs to support economic development, the creation of conditions for a green future, and a renewable countryside.

This is the time to realize your plans and goals, so take advantage of the opportunities and let’s move Hungarian agriculture into the 21st century together,”

the Agriculture Minister concluded by calling on farmers in his statement.

Earlier this week, it was reported that in the first half of this year, Hungary received approximately EUR 1.2 billion net from the European Union, based on balance of payments data; payments for 2014-2020 are still ongoing, and direct agricultural support for the new cycle has also started.


The European agricultural fund for rural development (EAFRD) finances the EU’s contribution to rural development programs (RDPs). RDPs consist of measures and projects that contribute to the EU-wide objectives of improving the competitiveness of agriculture, encouraging sustainable management of natural resources and climate action, and achieving a balanced territorial development of rural economies and communities.

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