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Ágnes Keleti Becomes the Oldest Living Olympic Champion in the World

Hungary Today 2023.09.08.

Ágnes Keleti, athlete of the nation, was born on January 9, 1921. She is the oldest living Hungarian Olympic champion since the death of water polo player Sándor Tarics on May 21, 2016. And as of today, the five-time Olympic gymnastics champion is the oldest living Olympic champion in the world, surpassing Tarics, who lived to be 102 years and 241 days old, mandiner reports.

On Thursday afternoon, Ádám Schmidt, State Secretary for Sport, Sándor Wladár, and Tamás Deutsch, Vice-Presidents of the Hungarian Olympic Committee (MOB), visited Ágnes Keleti in her home on the occasion of this extraordinary anniversary.

Keleti emphasized that she still trains every day, eats a lot of fruit and chocolate, watches gymnastics broadcasts on the Internet without glasses, and looks at the performance of today’s athletes with a critical eye.

The oldest living Olympian or Olympic athlete was Uruguayan sailor Félix Sienra, who competed in the 1948 Five Seas Games and died at the age of 107 years and nine days.

Ágnes Keleti in 1949. Fortepan / Kovács Márton Ernő

A portrait documentary about Ágnes Keleti’s life, titled The Woman Who Overcame Time, premiered in September 2022 at the Miskolc Cinefest Festival, where it was awarded the Fipresci International Critics’ Prize – Best Hungarian Film. The documentary spans 101 years and should serve as an example to us all.

With 10 Olympic medals, this outstanding star of gymnastics made sports history in the 20th century.

The documentary follows a year in Ágnes’ life, from her 100th to her 101st birthday. In addition to scenes showing every day of her life, the story of her extraordinary journey is told through her diary, and old and current interviews. Her life’s philosophy and values are revealed in detailed, intimate conversations.

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Via Ungarn Heute. Featured Photo: Facebook/Vujity Tvrtko

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