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A Unique Journey to a Transylvanian Village

Hungary Today 2023.02.27.

The latest Budapest exhibition by acclaimed Hungarian photographer Péter Korniss, presents a Transylvanian village, Sic (Szék), Kultura.hu reports.

Péter Korniss is one of the most important artists in Hungarian photography, born in 1937 in Cluj Napoca (Kolozsvár, Transylvania, Romania). The cultural website recalls that the unparalleled importance of his work in the history of photography and art is highlighted by its richness, unique vision, and constant renewal. “Spanning more than fifty years, Korniss’ oeuvre reveals the social changes in the Eastern European region, the irreversible effects of globalization, and the transformation of rural and village communities,” Kultura.hu adds.

The Várfok Gallery in Budapest announced on its website that Péter Korniss’s latest exhibition, ‘THE LONG ROAD’ opens on March 8. It is dedicated to the central place of Korniss’s life’s work, the Transylvanian village of Sic (Szék), and includes Korniss’s newest photographs.

The artist at one of his earlier exhibitions. Photo: Facebook Péter Korniss

The gallery stated that the last time Korniss’s works were shown in Hungary was in 2017, at the Hungarian National Gallery and the Várfok Gallery in Budapest. These major exhibitions were followed by key exhibitions abroad: the Romanian National Museum of Fine Arts in Bucharest, the Museo di Roma in Trastevere, Rome, the Museum of Fine Arts in Cluj, the Rosphoto Photographic Museum in St. Petersburg, and in collaboration with Galerie Keller, the Hungarian Cultural Centre of the Liszt Institute in Paris.

Korniss visited Sic for the first time in 1967, and encountered “the still living and rich culture of traditional village communities in many areas of the Carpathian Basin, and he dedicated his career to capturing this disappearing world for future generations,” Várfok Gallery wrote. “Sic is thus the beginning of everything, the origin to which Korniss has been returning regularly over past decades and to which he still returns to this day,” they added.

Image from an earlier exhibition. Photo: Facebook Péter Korniss

Korniss’s work in Sic, spanning fifty-five years, is the longest photographic project in the history of photography in Hungary and is outstanding on both a Hungarian and a worldwide platform.

Featured photo by Péter Korniss via Várfok Gallery

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