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A Sweet Welcome to St Stephen’s Day – Hungary’s Cakes of the Year

Tamás Vaski 2021.08.04.

2021 marked the 15th consecutive year of the Cake of Hungary competition. This year the Hungarian Confectioner Craftsmen Corporation awarded the Cake of Hungary title to Sándor Fodor’s “Sunflower,” while the title of the Sugar-Free Cake of Hungary was awarded to Krisztián Füredi’s “Rose of Beszterce.” Füredi’s “Nimród” was also the victor of this year’s exclusive “One with Nature” competition. As is fitting for Hungarian traditions, a Bread of the Year title has also been awarded to Zsolt Varró’s “Gem of Solymár.” Another title; the Innovative Bread of the Year, was given to the Handmade Seed Bread of Princely Bakery Ltd.

The Cake of Hungary competition is a delicious tradition held on the occasion of August 20th, the day on which Saint Stephen founded Hungary. It encourages confectioners to come up with the best, most creative cakes they can in order to receive the prestigious award and have their submissions featured on the national holiday.

The Cake of a Nation for 365 Days

This year it was Sándor Fodor of Habcsók Cukrászda (Meringue Confectionery) who won the award for his “Sunflower,” a fruity cake inspired by sunflowers in the summer.

The dessert’s combination of Williams pear and fresh yoghurt fit perfectly into a warm summer’s day, while the addition of finely ground roasted sunflowers and caramelized chocolate make it adaptable for cooler evenings.

'Curiositas' and 'Midsummer Night’s Dream' - Hungary’s 2020 Cakes of the Year Revealed!
'Curiositas' and 'Midsummer Night’s Dream' - Hungary’s 2020 Cakes of the Year Revealed!

This year, the Hungarian Confectioner Craftsmen Corporation invited entries for the 14th annual Hungarian Cake of the Year contest. The results were presented at the Parliament: of six finalists, this year’s winner, the “Cake of Hungary,” is the ‘Curiositas,’ an almond/quince/chocolate cake created by Krisztián Füredi; while the other winner, the sugar-free cake of the […]Continue reading

The mixture of sunflower, chocolate, pear, and honey all compliment one-another, all of them strengthened by the Williams pear pálinka for an added punch of flavor.

Second place went to the Nándori Confectionery’s “Autumn Dandelion,” while third went to the Levendula és Kert (Lavender and Garden) Confectionery in Szigetszentmiklós for Pál Lakatos’ “Rubato of Szabacs.”

Leaving the Sugar but Keeping it Sweet with the “Rose of Beszterce”

One cannot ignore the excellence of a creative sugar-free pastry. The Confectioners’ Corporation presented the award for the Sugar-Free Cake of Hungary alongside the Egy Csepp Figyelem (One Drop of Attention) Foundation of Hungary, created to raise awareness to victims of diabetes.

Budapest's Dessert Announced Ahead of 'Sweet Days' Festival
Budapest's Dessert Announced Ahead of 'Sweet Days' Festival

A caramel and pear mousse cake, made by the Szamos Marcipán confectionery became the dessert of Budapest this year, which the audience can taste for the first time at this year’s Édes Napok (Sweet Days) Budapest Chocolate and Sweets festival, held between Friday and Sunday in front of St. Stephen’s Basilica. The Hungarian Chocolate and […]Continue reading

Krisztián Füredi, the master confectioner of the Hisztéria Confectionery in Tápiószecső, was the recipient of the title for his “Rose of Beszterce,” which has a clear highlight on a multi-layered apricot flavor.

The interesting fruity texture appears both as a jelly and a mousse, paying homage to traditional Hungarian pastries with a pairing of walnut and dark chocolate.

Krisztián Füredi, master confectioner of the Hisztéria Confectionery in Tápiószecső, presents his sugar-free “Rose of Beszterce.” (Photo: Zsolt Szigetváry/MTI)

Füredi paid special attention to his cake having 12.4 grams of carbohydrates and 206.4 kcals per slice, meaning that it is an excellent and safe option for diabetic people.

The Greatest Bread of Hungary

Hungarians love quality bread, and this competition made sure to include the best bakeries around the country. This year it was Zsolt Varró’s “Gem of Solymár” which took the prize of Bread of the Year.

Baker Zsolt Varró, creator of the Gem of Solymár, holding the Bread of the Year award. (Photo: Zsolt Szigetváry/MTI)

Varró’s creation will no doubt find itself at countless dinner tables from here on out. Also in a feature of uniqueness, Princely Bakery Ltd. (Fejedelmi Pékség Kft.) won the prize of best of Innovative Bread of the Year.

The rules of the competition, following Saint Stephen’s Day traditions, were that submissions needed to include sourdough fermentation and at least two types of flour, all ingredients from Hungarian producers. These award winners featured pairings of various fruits, vegetables, and nuts rather than the typically strong, spiced flavors.

A Fruity Competition with a Naturesque Backdrop

This year also featured a “One with Nature” competition with respect to the World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition. The unique element here was that all submissions needed to involve blueberries, chestnuts, rosehip, hazelnuts, and elderberries.

The Hungarian Confectioner Craftsmen Corporation chose Hisztéria Confectionary master confectioner Krisztián Füredi’s “Nimród” cake, which harmonizes various berries of the forest with blackcurrant and chestnut.

Since chestnut pairs excellently with fine liquor, the confectioner added a sneaky touch of St. Hubertus as well. The entire creation sits on a sablé of cocoa, covered by a smooth vanilla mousse.

The Most Hungarian Dessert: Sponge Cake 'Somlói Style' - with Recipe!
The Most Hungarian Dessert: Sponge Cake 'Somlói Style' - with Recipe!

In the late 1950s, the legendary main waiter of the Gundel restaurant, Károly Gollerits, was the one who introduced the popular dessert for the first time.Continue reading

The cakes will be available in hundreds of confectionaries around Hungary on August 20, the specific locations can be found on www.cukraszat.net starting August 16, with the list being expanded until the 19th. Cake enthusiasts (everyone) should definitely give the award winners a try!

In the featured photo, Sándor Fodor of the Habcsók Confectionery in Budapest presents his “Sunflower” cake, which was awarded the Cake of Hungary award. Featured photo by Zsolt Szigetváry/MTI

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