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73 Percent of Hungarians Think Joining the EU Was a Good Thing

Hungary Today 2023.12.08.

A recent survey, Parlameter 2023, conducted by the European Parliament, reveals ongoing support for the EU among citizens. The upcoming European elections are garnering significant interest, with more than half (57 percent) of EU citizens following relevant developments.

73 percent of Hungarian respondents replied “Yes” when asked whether joining the EU had any benefits to their country. Hungary joined the EU in 2004. However, a recent European survey shows that only 54 percent of Hungarians are optimistic about the future of the bloc.

Among the key advantages cited, 40 percent highlighted the creation of new jobs, 34 percent emphasized economic growth, and 29 percent pointed to an improvement in living standards.

Despite these positive sentiments, the overall opinion of the EU has seen some fluctuations. Currently, 41 percent hold a positive view, a slight decrease of two percentage points compared to March 2023. Meanwhile, 47 percent maintain a neutral stance, marking a three percentage point increase, and 12 percent express a negative opinion, down one percentage point.

Examining policy priorities, the survey underscores the persistent social and economic challenges faced by many Europeans. However, there are indications of improvement over the past six months.

The survey reveals that a substantial

76 percent of Hungarians believe that the EU’s activities directly impact their lives.

Public health (41 percent), the creation of new jobs, protection of democracy and the rule of law (31 percent each) are areas that Hungarians believe the European Parliament should prioritize.

Regarding the enhanced role of the European Parliament,

51 percent of Hungarians express a positive outlook.

Impressively, 63 percent, well above the EU average, expresses interest in the upcoming EU elections. In a hypothetical scenario where elections were imminent,

67 percent of Hungarians would cast their votes.

Reflecting on these findings, Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament, commented,

This Eurobarometer shows that Europe matters. In this difficult geopolitical and socio-economic situation, citizens can trust the European Union to find solutions.”

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Via European Parliament; Featured Image: Pixabay

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