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300 Year Old Town Hall of Esztergom Set for Historic Renovation

MTI-Hungary Today 2024.01.30.

The historic town hall in Esztergom (northwest Hungary), serving its community for nearly three centuries, is set for a comprehensive renovation to preserve its Baroque grandeur while ushering in modern customer spaces for the 21st century, announced the mayor of the city, Ádám Hernádi.

Securing a HUF 1.5 billion (EUR 3.8M) grant under the Kisfaludy Tourism Development Program, with an additional HUF 300 million (EUR 775k) in municipal contribution, the restoration project will focus on various aspects.

View of the Esztergom Basilica. Photo: Pixabay

The extensive roof, covering an area of two thousand square meters, will undergo repairs with the use of natural materials to replace damaged elements. The entire façade, spanning 2,200 square meters of brickwork, will receive a new vapor-permeable, breathable render system.

Special attention will be given to the restoration of stone surfaces following a specific conservation plan, including the intricate stucco decorations above each window.

The Town Hall in 1939. Photo: Fortepan / Vincent-Till-Baumgartner

Working closely with a heritage authority-appointed restorer and experts from the Hungarian National Museum, five Baroque window frames, along with their hardware, casements, and sash frames, have been identified for preservation.

Sculpture of the Coronation of King Stephen I. Photo: Pixabay

The remaining windows and doors will be meticulously replicated to match the original structures.

The Main Gate in 1940. Photo: Fortepan / Somlai Tibor

The town hall’s arcade will witness the restoration of former ground-floor shops, accommodating a variety of spaces, including a store featuring products from twin towns, a room dedicated to the goldsmith profession, a guitar and musical instrument museum and shop, and an area showcasing the works of graphic artist and stamp designer József Vertel.

The ground floor will also host a modern customer reception area.

In 1962. Photo: Fortepan / Lencse Zoltán

In the inner courtyard, aging plants will be replaced, worn paving will undergo renovation, and the medieval St. Nicholas Church’s former walls will be uncovered. A representative space suitable for small events will be created in front of the gate, featuring a distinctive town sign at its center.

The Marie Valerie Bridge connecting Esztergom with the Slovakian town of Sturovo. Photo: Pixabay

The comprehensive renovation is anticipated to conclude in the summer of 2025, marking a significant milestone in preserving the historical and architectural heritage of Esztergom’s town hall.

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Via MTI; Featured Image: Pixabay

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