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Harvesting Begins across the Country, Watch out on the Roads

MTI-Hungary Today 2024.06.29.

Harvesting is underway throughout the country, meaning that there are more agricultural machinery on the road, requiring increased attention from all drivers, said Minister of Agriculture István Nagy on his social media page.

The minister reminded that this year the harvesting of early autumn barley started much earlier, at the beginning of June. The country’s bread is guaranteed this year, for which we owe a special thanks to all farmers, he added.

Photo via Facebook/Lajos Tarr

István Nagy also pointed out that, due to the summer harvesting season, motorists often encounter agricultural machinery on the roads. The minister therefore called for greater attention from drivers.

In order to avoid accidents and to ensure safe driving, we should be more patient with combine harvesters, tractors and transport vehicles and drive more carefully when we see them,”

the politician underlined.

Photo via Facebook/Péter Demeter

“Traffic can back up behind agricultural machinery traveling at low speeds. Drivers of vehicles traveling at higher speeds should therefore only overtake if the maneuver is safe and the road ahead is clearly visible. Large vehicles should be approached with caution and at moderate speed, and be prepared to change direction if necessary,” the agriculture minister warned.

After harvest. Photo via Facebook/Csontos Csenge Photography

István Nagy expects that

this year’s weather will allow summer harvesting to be completed much earlier than usual.

However, it is important that the crops reach their destinations as soon as possible. “Successful harvests and the diligence and perseverance of farmers all contribute to the security of our country’s food supply, for which we cannot be grateful enough to the players in the sector,” the head of the Ministry of Agriculture concluded.

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Via MTI; Featured image via Facebook/Simi Agrovideo

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