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16 Entries Chosen as Best in This Year’s Hungary 365 Photo Competition

Hungary Today 2023.12.12.
Dávid Balogh’s Above the Clouds (Felhők felett) won the special prize

“We are grateful to the creators who grabbed a camera, got up early, put their feet up, waited for sunset, scanned for a rare moment and finally clicked”, said Parliamentary State Secretary Csaba Dömötör at the award ceremony of the Hungary 365 photo competition.

All of the photos entered in the Hungary 365 photo competition were taken in the country. “We Hungarians see our landscapes, our built heritage and our communities”, noted the State Secretary. “They contain everything that is uniquely Hungarian, everything that is timeless beauty, and everything that is understandable to every person in the world. They were made here at home, but they speak to everyone,” he stressed.

The professional jury selected the best 16 out of 44,455 pictures. However, what was new this year was that instead of three categories, there were five.

The jury’s chairman, Ottó Kaiser, Hungarian Heritage Award-winning photographer, highlighted that the popularity of the competition is growing enormously every year, based on the images submitted, so he believes that they are on the right track.

Bence Máté, the third place winner in the nature category, said that he went out to the lake to photograph cranes, and he spotted something “dirty” in the background quite by accident. A passenger jet was approaching from far away…, added the artist, who managed to create a photo about man-nature connection with this unexpected situation.

Bence Máthé: Trajectories (Röppályák)Photo via Facebook/Magyarország 365

Kornél Makovics took the second prize-winning picture on the highest hill of Szekszárd (southern Hungary), in the midst of the biggest storm. – If you win here, it is a very good feedback that what you are doing is good and the direction is right,” he emphasized.

Kornél Makovics: Incredible energies (Hihetetlen Energiák). Photo via Facebook/Magyarország 365

Csaba Daróczi, the first prize winner in the nature category, said that it is very good for people to see what is the direction that is relevant at national and international level.

Csaba Daróczi: Animals of the forest series (Az erdő állatai sorozat). Photo via Facebook/Magyarország 365

These pictures tell the most beautiful story of our country without the need for a single word,”

stressed Csaba Dömötör.

This is the fifth time the competition has been organized.

Here are some other winner photos from the competition:

Norbert Kaszás: The ringmaster (A porondmester). Photo via Facebook/Magyarország 365

Tibor Berendi: Awakening (Ébredés). Photo via Facebook/Magyarország 365

Attila Tamás: Dawn is breaking (Hajnal hasad). Photo via Facebook/Magyarország 365

Balázs Rödönyi: The Nape of Parliament (A Parlament tarkója). Photo via Facebook/Magyarország 365

Csaba Szabó: Dance for the Pope (Tánc a Pápának). Photo via Facebook/Magyarország 365

Zsófia Raffay: Dancer (Táncos). Photo via Facebook/Magyarország 365

dr. Szabó Rita: Young couple (Fiatal pár). Photo via Facebook/Magyarország 365

Zsolt Biczó: Angel’s greeting (Angyali üdvözlet). Photo via Facebook/Magyarország 365

Hungary 365: Thousands of Photos Submitted for the Most Outstanding Competition
Hungary 365: Thousands of Photos Submitted for the Most Outstanding Competition

The jury will award valuable prizes to the best entries.Continue reading

Via Magyar Nemzet, MTI; Featured image via Facebook/Magyarország 365

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