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Hungary's Unique Liqueur Company Evokes Country's History In New Promo Video


Mounted soldiers with burning whips, giant fishes in the Danube river, Parliament building under construction and Hungary’s turn-of-the-century star swimmer Alfréd Hajós in the same movie? Yes, it is possible: Zwack Unicum’s newest promo video evokes the last 225 years of Hungarian history, including the Zwack family’s and their legendary liqueur Unicum’s own story.

In 2015 Zwack family celebrates the 225th anniversary of the historic moment, when Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Hungary was first offered a sip of the herbal digestive in 1790 by Dr. Zwack, Royal Physician to the Imperial Court. In order to pay tribute to the hard-working ancestors, the proud Budapest-based company has published a new promo video with the aim of delivering a positive messages to the fans of the legendary spirit. We already wrote about the exciting story of Unicum in detail here.