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Zuckerberg Markets FB Messenger With Hungarian App ClipDis

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.03.29.

Hungarian-developed ClipDis, a mobile app that turns texts into video messages, has been introduced by Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg at a conference.

The social network is turning Messenger, its smartphone messaging app, into a self-contained, multifunctionary and multimedia messaging platform. Messenger’s new version will include several integrated apps, which will operate as plugins within Facebook’s messaging programme.

Among these new plugins is ClipDis, developed by a Budapest-based startup firm. The Hungarian app was used by Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg to promote the renewal of Messenger at F8, a software development conference organised by the social networking giant. Mr. Zuckerberg picked the Hungarian firm’s product from the around 40 apps similar to ClipDis which support Messenger.

The English-language app converts text messages into video clips. Short clips can be downloaded from a community database including the word searched for. At the end of the process, the text message will appear in words and motion picture through the “performance” of actors in various films.

Messenger’s further new functions will include animated cartoon figures “saying” our messags, constantly moving animated GIF’s and eventually also a money-sending option.

photo: Facebook/ClipDis