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Zsolnay Exhibition Opens


An exhibition of the famous Zsolnay porcelain manufacture has opened on Friday featuring almost 260 works of art, reported news agency MTI. The title of the exhibition is “A genius family” (Egy zseniális család), and is housed in the renovated former home of the Defense Headquarters in the Buda Castle.

István Sárváry, Deputy Secretary of State for Cultural Projects, said that the Defense Headquarters has been a deserted, heavily damaged building since 1945, as it was demolished back to the first floor after the war. Zoltán Deák, lead architect of the reconstruction, said the original building was finished in 1897 according to the plans of Mór Kallina in neo-renaissance style.

Gábor Gulyás, director of the exhibition, added that after the world war the building stood as an incomplete torso and its unfortunate faith is not dissimilar to the troubled history of Zsolnay porcelains after 1948. Both stories are, however, a good example to why it is worth remembering the great past.

The reconstruction cost EUR 2.76 million (850 million HUF) showcases Zsolnay works in a chronological order from the museum in Pécs, short films present the history of great artists, and there is a separate section for Zsolnay building tiles. (MTI)

MTI photo Attila Kovács