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Zalău, Zilah, Zillenmarkt –  Finally This Sign Will Welcome The Visitors Of The City

By Robert Velkey // 2017.05.25.

On Thursday, the council of Zilah that counts 21 members voted to change the city sings to three-lingual ones. The council voted the proposal with one voice.

Visitors can read now all the three historical names: Zalău (Romanian), Zilah (Hungarian) and Zillenmarkt (German). At the edges of the city there will be placed of “welcome” and “good bye” signs in six different languages too. It will be written on Romanian, Hungarian, English, German, French and Italian languages.

“During the preparation of the proposition we cared about the cultural mixture of the city. We took care if lingual and religious aspects also”, said Miklós Fazekas the deputy mayor of the city.

In Zilah there are 56.000 habitants and 16% of the population is Hungarian.