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“Yoda Of The Skis” – The 106-Year Old Hungarian Skier Who is Still Going Strong

By Robert Velkey // 2017.03.03.

There are activities that you can’t start young enough. Usually we think that there are sports, such as skiing, that can only be performed while we are fit and young. Well, probably we can stay fit even if we are getting old. The living example of the “third-age-fitness” is an elderly Hungarian man who is still can be found on the ski slopes, despite the fact that he is 106-years old.

Let us to introduce Lajos Bátori from Michigan, USA. Mr Bátori remains an active skier despite having turned 106 years old last July. Lajos Bátori or -Lou Batori as the local people call him at Michigan’s Crystal Mountain Resort- is an active skier since he first conquered the mountains in his native Hungary at the age of 10, Batori started skiing sixteen years before he took his first chairlift ride in 1940. By the way, at Thomposonville there is the only reserved parking spot anywhere on the sprawling Northern Michigan getaway’s property, and it belongs to Lou Batori.

He is probably the oldest active skiier in the world. He’s won several Nastar ski competitions, even taking part in them at the age of 100. Batori’s love for skiing as well as his age have made him a popular topic for various news organizations. He was even featured along with other members of the region’s 70-and-up ski club by CBS News in 2011.

When asked about the key to his longevity, he always gives the same answer: “The three ingredients: A good wife, only drinking the best quality liquor and picking your parents carefully.” Lajos’s life seems to bear out the wisdom of his (admittedly slightly sarcastic) advice, as he lives an active and powerful life, regardless of his age.

“Waiting to be carted away is a stupid waste of life,” he said, “You can replace anything – your shoes, your house, your belongings. But you cannot replace time…so make the best of it.”

Wise words from the senior Hungarian ski master. He is an inspiration to everybody all over the world and we wish him many more years of shredding the gnar!