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In Few Years Time Hungary’s Motorway Network Will Reach The Borders In Each Direction

Tamás Székely 2016.09.28.

Hungary will spend 2470 billion forints on road construction projects and thousands of kilometers of roads will be built in a few years time, ministerial commissioner Róbert Homolya said in an interview with economic news portal portfolio.hu. The main aim is to connect the country’s economically less-developed regions to the more developed ones.


Homolya, who is also a head of Hungary’s Development Coordination Committee, said the government uses both domestics sources and substantial EU funds, giving priority to concrete type of road development projects in the upcoming years. According to the plans, by 2022 there will be no more municipal cities in Hungary, where we cannot travel to on a 2×2 lane motorway. Furthermore, all the Hungarian motorways and highways will reach the borders, Homolya added. The M1, M3, M5 and M7 motorways reach the borders even today, but they have several connection points – such the case of the M6 motorway – , which are yet to be built and there are some highways as well, which need to be extended in order to reach the border, he said.

Recently the Hungarian government has decided to launch large-scale development projects for 81 roads in Hungary. It costs about 2470 billion, half of it can be covered by EU funds, Homolya noted. “We’ll have about 900-km-long 2×2 lane motorway network in Hungary in 5-6 years. So far there has been no development project of such caliber in Hungary”, he said. “We can travel to Szolnok, Saljótarján, Békéscsaba or even Sopron much more comfortable and faster in a few years time”, he added.

via portfolio.hu