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Year’s Best Drone Photo: Spectacular Landscape Picture From the Great Hungarian Plain

Fanni Kaszás 2019.11.04.

More than 600 drone-made photographs were submitted to the second Hungarian drone photo competition, following last year’s success. On Sunday, the jury announced the best works including the winner, József Kirják’s Aranyfa (Golden Tree) of a breathtaking landscape, situated in the Great Hungarian Plain. 

This year, both the jury and the audience chose their favorite photos and photo series, in two categories. The new category, called “special photos” included experimental photos, with high-resolution pictures, spherical panoramas, flatland compositions, or other special shots. The jury awaited photos from the contenders which show what makes the “flying” or “floating” perspective really impressive, shows the dynamism of flight, and inspires the drone photo community with its creativity.

Péter Kálló, member of the professional jury said:

In 2019 a good drone photo is not just about rising from the ground, realizing our camera can take pictures from very high up.

Here then, are some of the best drone images of the year:

III. Place – János Török: Bivalyok (Buffaloes)

photo: János Török/azevdronfotoja19.blog.hu

II. Place – László Simán: Tengerszem (Tarn)

photo: László Simán/azevdronfotoja19.blog.hu

I. Place – József Kirják: Aranyfa (Golden Tree)

photo: József Kirják/azevdronfotoja19.blog.hu

Special category winner – Sada Domonkos: Világok között (Between Worlds)

photo: Szada Domonkos/azevdronfotoja19.blog.hu

Audience award – DroneMinutes: Balinese series

photo: DroneMinutes/azevdronfotoja19.blog.hu

featured photo: Aranyfa (Golden Tree) by József Kirják (azevdronfotoja19.blog.hu)

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