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The 13. South American Hungarian Folk Dance Jamboree “Broke The Stage-Boards” In Uruguay

Robert Velkey 2016.02.24.

The Hungarian saying about the stages and taking to the boards goes: “a világot jelentő deszkák”, referring to the wooden floorboards that mean the whole world. Last Sunday in Montevideo, the whole Hungarian “folk world” took to the boards to the Teatro Solis in Montevideo, Uruguay.

On the 21 February 2016, the 13th South-American Hungarian Folkdance Jamboree in the Latin American country. This time, a hundred and sixty young and adult Hungarian dancers stood up to the boards of the oldest and most stylish theater in Uruguay with shining eyes. The performing ensembles arrived from all over the continent. The Pántlika, Zrínyi and Ropogós ensembles from Brazil; the grops Regős, Kolomp and Oleadner from Argentina, as well as Liliom from Chaco, and the local Tündérkert from Uruguay with four (!) ages groups. Members of the dance groups are also a kind of “show of generations” also, as they span all living generations from age 3 to 73. Zemplén Folk Dance Group was the guest from Hungary on the event and the music was played by the Dűvő Folk Music Band and Pál István Szalonna.

After the four-hour show, the touched audience stood up in applause with tearful eyes. Many of the performers and the visitors were second and third generation Hungarians. In spite of some of them not being able to speak the language, they are interested in their culture and wants to preserve it, revive it through the language of the dances and the songs.

 via: mno.hu

photo/video: facebook.com/delamerikaimagyarneptanc; facebook.com/lukacs.csaba