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Anti-Asylum Attitudes Reach Record-High Levels In Hungary, Survey Claims

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.05.05.

A report published today by the pollster Tárki claims that anti-foreigner attitudes in Hungary targeted at asylum-seekers have reached record levels.

According to the public opinion survey, conducted in April 2015, 94 per cent of the population rejects Arabs, while seven per cent harbour negative sentiments even against ethnic Hungarians living in the neighbouring countries and the majority of the population is also against the non-existent “Piréz” group. Results for this year show the highest level of anti-foreigner attitudes in the country since 1992, with xenophobia being most prevalent among supporters of the radical nationalist Jobbik, the left-wing Socialists and non-voters. Fidesz voters’ attitudes are near the statistical average and the opinions of people supporting smaller parties were statistically irrevelant, according to the leader of research.

46 per cent of respondents said that they would not allow any asylum-seekers to enter the country, while 9 per cent would accomodate all asylum-seekers seeking a new home in Hungary and 45 per cent would leave the issue for further consideration.

The level of anti-foreigner attitudes had been relatively stable between 2002 and 2011 but rapidly increased in 2012, the report claims.

People living in Southern Transdanubia, the middle-aged and those in a difficult financial situation are more likely to be xenophobic, according to the report.

Levels of xenophobia are the lowest among university graduates, of whom 20 per cent falls into the “anti-foreigner” category, Endre Sík, the leader of research, pointed out.