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Coronavirus Prevention: Wuhan Hungarians Feel Healthy after Return, says Chief Medical Officer

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.02.03.

Hungarians who have returned home from Wuhan in China feel healthy but for the sake of safety they will remain quarantined for two weeks, the chief medical officer said on Monday.

No one in Hungary is carrying coronavirus, but the seven people quarantined will undergo several tests, Cecília Müller told public news channel M1.

An “operative board” set up to coordinate the actions of state authorities that would be involved in preventing the spread of the virus and an epidemic that could follow, she said. Information exchange between these authorities has been ongoing and they have held regular meetings to discuss completed and future tasks, Müller added.

There is currently a flu epidemic in Hungary, with 15,000 new cases reported weekly, the chief medical officer said. She highlighted the importance of following hygiene guidelines for the sake of prevention.

Featured photo via Ministry of Defense/MTI