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Writer Launches Flat Rental Scheme For The Homeless

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.01.15.

Hungarian writer and poet Endre Kukorelly, a former MP for the green LMP party, has launched a Facebook campaign to raise money to rent flats for homeless people. Although the project has only been going for a couple of days, the initiative has already managed to collect close to HUF 500 000 (EUR 1500).

Writer and poet Endre Kukorelly (source: Wikipedia)

Mr. Kukorelly, who created a Facebook and page under the name “Peace at Heart. Let’s Rent Flats For Those In Need”, told a Hungarian website that the idea first occurred to him almost ten years ago. It was at that time that he published a series of articles in the literary journal Élet és Irodalom, in which he wrote that he’d be happy to establish a foundation together with a multi-millionaire and a homeless person.

According to the original idea, the former would have contributed to costs with HUF 1 billion, the latter with HUF 1000 and he himself with HUF 1 million. Although he initially believed that enough wealthy people can be convinced to support the cause, even the entire problem of homelessness could be solved, nothing came of the idea. However, after being shocked by the sight of homeless people languishing in the underpass at Budapest’s Ferenciek tere, he decided to try to help again.

The result of his good will is the Facebook page and group, which aims to provide genuine accomodation to at least a limited number of people – he hopes that this could create a good example and encourage others to do similar good. A promising amount of money has already arrived to his bank account but even the smallest contribution is very much welcome. Beyond cash transfers, the group also awaits messages from flat owners willing to rent their property to those in need at reasonable prices.

A curatory board comprised of representatives of charity organisations will select the occupants of the flats, he says, adding that a couple or a family with children would be ideal.

Donations are to be transferred to the following OTP Bank account, under the name of “Kukorelly”:

IBAN number for transfers from abroad:
HU39 1177 3078 0023 7761 0000 0000

photo: (Reuters/Landov)