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Wow! Really? Did Princess Leia Bring Liberty And Enfranchisement To Hungary In 1990?

By Robert Velkey // 2017.01.25.

In the latest installment of our new (semi)regular segment, Wow! Really?, we examine little-known or unexpected facts about Hungary and Hungarian culture.

Around the time of the fall of the Hungarian communist regime, “Princess Leia”, Carrie Fischer, visited Hungary. A Hungarian visa can be found in her passport with the date of issue 07.12.1990, as the Hungarian news site spotted. It means she visited the small Central European country just as the political winds were changing in Hungary: János Kádár died on the 07.14.1989, on 03.15.1990 Gyula Horn Hungarian minister of Foreign Affairs and Eduard Sevardnadze, soviet minister of Foreign Affairs, signed the agreement for withdraw of the Soviet troops from Hungary, and on 05.23.1990 i the government of the Republic of Hungary was established, with the non-Communist historian József Antall as its new Prime Minister.


We don’t know what Darth Vader’s daughter did in Hungary, but she had a single visa for a 30 day stay. What we do know is that she entered Hungary at Parassapuszta and she arrived from the direction of the Czechslovakia. Her entrance permit was one still officially issued by the Népköztársaság (people’s republic), and was relatively expensive at that time, as it cost 1600 forint (almost $30).


Collecting the passports of celebrities is a regular hobby in the western world. Now her passport that was valid between 1983 and 1993 is on sale for 700.000forints (~$2500) on

We can see (by her passport and visas) that she really liked to travel; she visited London a hundred times, she traveled to Japan, Africa, Australia and Nepal too.


***Disclaimer: Princess Leia Organa of the planet Alderaan did not actually bring about the end of Communism in Hungary; she did, however, help defeat the Galactic Empire.