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Wow! Really? Lilla The Hungarian Vlogger Helps Us Avoid Getting Lost In China

By Robert Velkey // 2017.04.28.

Have you met Lilla Horváth? Do you know what is it like to be a Hungarian in China?

The young Hungarian video-blogger studies in China. She started her studies in Shanghai 6 years ago and now she started an amazing vlog about her experiences with unexpected success.

In less than two weeks, almost 3000 followers signed up to Lilla’s video blog series. Since she started her channel, in April she reached 17,000 followers; if you watch her work you will not be surprised as to why.


She studies at China’s 3rd and the world’s 43rd best university.  In her latest vlog-series segment, she introduces us to her Chinese “alma mater” and ask her friends about that why they like to live in Shanghai. Here you watch and follow Lilla’s life in Shanghai (Her vlog is in Hungarian, but if you don’t speak Hungarian, the video work itself is also amazing);

You can subscribe to Lilla’s channel here.