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Wow! Really? – Move Aside, Lake Balaton: A New Hungarian Seaside Destination?

By Robert Velkey // 2017.06.28.

There are common sayings you may know, such as that “the Balaton is the Hungarian Sea”, and that “For me, Lake Balaton is the Riviéra”. In spite of this there is a  new “real seaside” closer to the Hungarian capital, Budapest.

While neither Budapest nor the Danube River have significant seashores to speak of, a beach and sport center can be found just an hour’s journey away from the city center, we can experience an authentic beach feeling while walking on soft white sand and drinking cocktails under the shade of palm trees.

Located beyond Buda’s northern border there is a lake that looks like a coast and seaside of the Adriatic, or Miami Beach, or some other exotic location. Lupa Beach, located in Budakalász, offers the illusion of the seaside. This enterprise is unique in all of Europe: a luxury lake that reminds people of a Caribbean beach complete with palm trees; the services provided here will ensure the leisure of visitors in the summer season…

Sziget Festival’s founder Károly Gerendai wanted to establish a beach and sports center at Lake Lupa. The lake was originally a former gravel mine and  was functioned as an illegal swimming area. It is three kilometers away from the northern border of Budapest. Károly Gerendai’s dream came true and now we can find Hungary’s greatest water adventure park, the most fascinating diving center and Central Europe’s biggest wakeboard complex here. On the coastline, beach sports lovers can find opportunities to play beach soccer, beach volleyball, beach handball and any kind of “seaside beach games”. Though the hosts do not allow motorized water sports, because they wish to protect both swimmers and the water, electric boats and flyboards are also available for water skiing.

In an unusual approach, Lake Lupa’s coastline has been divided up so that each area provides different services, for different ticket prices.

Near the smaller part of the lake lies the Lupa Strand for those who would prefer to pay less and enjoy a traditional “illusion of” a beach experience. The traditional buffets offer food on Lupa Strand.

The other, somewhat bigger part is called the Lupa Premium Beach. It provides significantly better environment and services.

Those who want even more exclusive services can purchase VIP tickets, which includes a canopy bed and VIP parking lot, or they can even rent a private coastline sector with private staff. Of course the variety of gastronomical offers is especially wide in the premium sector.

If you get tired of the rush of the city, let’s go to the seaside… and if you don’t want to drive you can you can take the HÉV train from Batthyány Square and ride it to the Budakalász-Lenfonó stop.