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Wow! Really? – FINA’s High Divers In The Air – Diving Tower Awaits Jumpers In Front Of The Parliament

By Robert Velkey // 2017.07.27.

The 17th FINA World Aquatics Championships goes on in Budapest and Balatonfüred. The championships, which run until July 30, feature some 2,000 athletes from over 180 countries competing across six disciplines. One of the six disciplines is a sport that became officially joined the list of competitions 2013: High Diving. What exactly does high diving entail? Just how high is it, exactly?

High diving is the act of diving into water from relatively great heights. This sport used to be performed as an adventure sport (as with cliff diving), until it debuted as a sport at the 2013 World Aquatics Championship in Barcelona. After this, the sport has continued to grow in popularity.

During this year’s FINA World Aquatics Championship, two events of high diving are on the programme: a men’s competition in five rounds competing from 27m(89ft) and a women’s competition in three rounds diving from 20m(66ft). Although it can be very scary to jump from that high, the jumpers can enjoy a fascinating view of Budapest’s  Parliament building, as well as the  whole capital from the top of the tower that has been set up at Batthány Square.

The tower was built on the banks of the Buda side of the Danube, but jumpers are not, in fact diving directly into the river; rather, they land in a pool located under the tower.

The sport is a unique one in that athletes are often unable to practice in an authentic environment until the days leading up to a competition. As the last competition of the Championship, the high divers will jump this week-end. Preliminary rounds will be held on Friday. On Saturday, the female divers will compete, followed on Sunday by the men.


photos: Zsolt Szigetváry /