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World's Most Modern Museum Of "The Beatles" Relics To Open In Hungary

By Ferenc Sullivan // 2015.01.27.

The world’s most modern permanent exhibition on the life and times of the legendary British rock group The Beatles is set to open in the town of Eger, northern Hungary, this spring, Hotel Korona Eger, the hotel that will host the collection, has said. According to plans, the museum will open to visitors in May.
The exhibition, to be named “Egri Road” in resemblance of the famous Beatles album Abbey Road, will include material from the private collection of Gábor Peterdi and Gábor Molnár, athors of the Hungarian book “Immortal Beatles”. The two dedicated Beatles fans have been collecting recordings and relics related to the band for decades, which will now find their home in Hotel Korona Eger, the hotel’s website reads.
The exhibition will be housed in the hotel’s halls and cellar; in the latter, multimedia walls will present the history of the British band after a short introductory movie. Film excerpts, contemporary news programmes, interviews and concert recordings will be enjoyable at the touch of a button and visitors will be able to listen into the group’s songs with heasdphones. Showcases will display contemporary publications, garments, maquettes, limited editions and curiosities.
Similar museums are currently located in Liverpool, the German city of Halle and Buenos Aires – within its resources, the collection aims to be a competitor and partner of these institutions.