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Working Abroad: Finns And Serbs Most Willing To Relocate To Hungary

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.02.19.

Finland and Serbia are the two countries whose inhabitants would be keenest to work in Hungary, a survey has revealed.
Hungarian careers website Profession.hu surveyed a total of 200 000 jobseekers from 189 countries on whether they would be prepared to come to work in Hungary and if so, for what reason. The survey revealed that Finns and Serbs would be most open to the opportunity – 16 per cent of respondents from the two countries said that they would be happy to move to Hungary.
Next on the list are neighbouring countries Romania and Slovakia, together with France, with 12 per cent of their citizens saying that they would consider seeking a job in Hungary. Interestingly, ten per cent of not only Ukrainians but also Portuguese believe that Hungary is a promising place to find employment.
Those who would be happy to work in Hungary value the opportunity because of the possibilities of gaining new experiences and work practice. Many are motivated by connecting to Hungarian culture, better job offers and more favourable career opportunities.
With regard to area of expertise, over one-fifth of engineers would be happy to live in Hungary, followed by 9 per cent among graduates in economics and administration and 8 per cent among IT professionals. Those considering relocating to Hungary are most concerned about transportation problems, closely followed by language learning, taxation and jobs for family members.
Most respondents who would move to Hungary are single and childless (38 per cent), although their number among couples with children is also high. Two-thirds of those indicating their willingness to move to Hungary are male and only one-third female. Over 60 per cent of respondents said that they would spend at least five years living in Hungary after relocating to the country.
via origo.hu
photo: calvert.lib.md.us