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Women with Four Children to Be Income-tax Exempt from 2020

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.05.22.

Women with four or more children will be exempted from the personal income tax from next January on, the state secretary in charge of youth and family affairs announced on Wednesday.

Katalin Novák told a press conference that the life-long benefit will also apply to women whose children have grown up already and also to ones who have agreed to have at least four children in future.

The government measure will benefit some 40,000 mothers, Novák added.

Hungarian Gov’t Aims to Create Baby Boom with Generous Financial Help

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced the government’s seven-point family protection plan in February and promised that women who had had and raised at least four children would be exempt from personal income tax payment for the rest of their lives.

In the featured photo: Katalin Novák, the state secretary in charge of youth and family affairs. Photo by Noémi Bruzák/MTI