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The Winner-Fairy Of The Hungarian Film Week Is “Liza The Fox-Fairy”

By Robert Velkey // 2016.03.07.

This Sunday was the closing ceremony of the 2nd Hungarian Film Week in Budapest. After the one-week-long movie festival, the best films were awarded in 18 categories. The winner movies were picked from the 270 competitor films of the Film Week. The story and the movie about Liza won in many categories. The makers of the tale of the “fox-fairy” had been marked in 15 categories and they won 7 prizes. First of all, they got the “best film” award and just to mention some of the awards they got the best director’s (Károly Ujj Mészáros), as well as the prize for the best male (Szabolcs Bede-Fazekas) and female (Móni Balsai) actor and the best cameraman (Péter Szatmári).


The 98-minute movie evolves around Liza, a 30-year-old, naïve, lonely nurse living in “Csudapest”, the capital of a fictionalized 1970s Hungary with a capitalist system. She has taken care of Marta, the widow of the former Japanese ambassador, for the last 12 years. On her 30th birthday Liza goes to a Mekk Burger restaurant to find romance, upon reading about it in a Japanese romance novel. While she’s away, Marta is killed by Liza’s only friend, Tomy Tani, the ghost of a Japanese pop singer from the 1950s, resulting in Liza inheriting her apartment. Relatives report Liza to the police for murdering Marta. Sergeant Zoltan is put on the case, who gets very nearly killed in the process, and falls slowly in love with Liza after moving into her apartment as a flatmate. She gains confidence, but all her dating efforts end in fatal accidents. Liza is convinced that she has become a fox-fairy, a demon from Japanese mythology. According to the legend, men who fall in love with a fox-fairy die soon afterwards.

 The only way to break the curse is love, but what to do when desire may be mortal?

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