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Wildlife: Bükk National Park’s Wolf Cubs Captured On Camera For First Time – Video!

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.09.18.

Bükk National Park in northern Hungary is home to at least ten wolves including a minimum of five cubs, recent video footage reveals.

While there have been several reports on the presence and reproduction of wolves in the Bükk hills over the previous year, the footage, shot a few days ago, is the first time wolf cubs have been captured on camera.

Trails of the cubs were first identified on tracks previously used by their parents on 11 July and holiday-makers also stumbled across them a couple of days later. Park staff monitored the family’s activity with the help of camera traps and documented their movements on their most frequently used forest paths.

As the autumn hunting season sets in, wildlife protection authorities warn that wolves are a specially protected species in Hungary and killing them is a criminal offence. Unfortunately, a wolf fell victim to illegal hunting activity last autumn in the central area of the Bükk hills and the same happened to a bear in Nógrád county in May 2014.

via szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu
photo: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu