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White God to be Sent to Oscars


White God (Fehér Isten), a film by Kornél Mudroczó will be sent to the Oscars, announced the Hungarian National Film Fund, reported by news agency MTI. A committee of the fund voted on the issue on Wednesday, selecting White God from several Hungarian films.

The nine person committee was led by producer and government commissioner in charge of the Hungarian film industry Andrew G. Vajna, with Réka Divinyi, Ágnes Havas, Bálint András Kovács, Péter Miskolczi and director Krisztina Deák, editor Istán Király, cinematographer Tibor Máté and script writer Balázs Lovas.

White God is a film about the friendship of a dog and a little girl in a Utopian society where descent if key. The film was shot with 200 dogs and has received widespread recognition, including a prize-winning Cannes premiere. White God is director Kornél Mudroczó’s sixth film, was produced by Viktória Petrányi, and stars 12 year old Zsófia Psotta.

The production of White God was funded partially by the Hungarian National Film Fund, and is distributed by The Match Factory agency. The last time a Hungarian movie made it to the final five of the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film was in 1988 with Istán Szabó’s Hanussen, while White God now has a good chance of repeating this feat. (MTI)