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Weekend Travel Tip: First Ever Zsolnay Festival Kicks Off In Pécs Today


The city of Pécs will organise the first ever international Zsolnay Festival of Light between July 1 and 3, the organiser said. During the festival visitors can view compositions by media artists at 24 sites in the historic city’s centre, the Zsolnay Heritage Management company ZSÖK told news agency MTI.

From the evening hours steady and moving light art compositions including the light painting of buildings will be shown at several spots in the inner city’s streets, ZSÖK said. A highlight of the three-day festival will be the Final of the Zsolnay Light Art 3D international light painting competition featuring media artists from Chile, France, Hungary, Mexico and Poland. They will present their compositions projected on the facade and the towers of Pécs Cathedral, a city landmark.

The festival’s programmes also include an act performed by the 18-member Belgian Theater Tol acrobat group in the air as well as free concerts by Australian singer Natalie Imbruglia, Spanish singer Buika and the American Brooklyn Gypsies group.

Home to the world-famous Zsolnay ceramics and the largest Turkish ruins in Hungary, Pécs is a city of art and history in South Hungary. The city is primarly known for its UNESCO World Heritage Site, the largest Early Christian burial chamber found outside Italy, the Necropolis of Sopianae, which dates back to the fourth century. South of Pécs lies the famous Villány region, Hungary’s most southerly wine region, known for its full-bodied and spicy reds.

via and MTI