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Weber to Fidesz: Changes Needed to Keep Membership, Party’s Fate in EPP’s Hands

Fanni Kaszás 2019.06.06.

As we have previously reported, Manfred Weber, the German politician of the Christian Social Union in Bavaria, was re-elected as the head of the European People’s Party group on Wednesday with the support of Fidesz MEPs.

Since then, both Fidesz and Weber have released statements on the rights and opportunities of Fidesz MEPs, as the head of the EPP made it clear on Wednesday that he himself had rejected the possibility of a Fidesz member becoming the vice-president of the party family.

At the press conference following the inaugural meeting of the 179-member EPP faction, Weber recalled that in March, at the political assembly of the party family, he suggested the suspension of Fidesz together with party chairman Joseph Daul.

This decision, among other things, means that members of the party may not participate in the activities of internal party bodies and has limited influence over the party. Thus, Viktor  Orbán is not participating at the regular meetings of the heads of EPP members and although they could have nominated a vice-president, Weber denied it, stating that “the rules must be respected.”

Fidesz Wants to Stay in EPP but Likely to Face Long ‘Probation’

Weber also emphasized that the message of the suspension of Fidesz within the EPP was clear: that changes are needed in the domestic government policy of the Hungarian government.

Reflecting on the recent statements of the Hungarian party, Weber pointed out that the question of Fidesz’s EPP membership is currently in the hands of Herman Van Rompuy, not the Hungarian authorities. Rompuy is in charge of the so-called ‘three wise men,’ an evaluation committee who are preparing a report on which the long-term future of the EPP and that of the relationship between the EPP and Fidesz will be decided.

‘Three Wise Men’ to Monitor Whether Fidesz Meets EPP’s Conditions

Weber emphasized that the principles of the European Union cannot be questioned, they must be respected by everyone and that he hopes there will be positive changes in Hungary.